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From the Principal

 From the Principal


Welcome back to our lovely Dutton Park State School for our 2019 school year!  A special welcome to our 75 new students including 53 Prep students.
Our enrolment numbers have climbed from 288 students in 2013 to 353 students in 2019. Our Enrolment Management Plan has been in place since 2017, but many new families continue to make a choice about coming to our school because of its ‘family feel’.  I hope that our new families have settled in and are feeling very welcome in our community.
Our current enrolment numbers have enabled us to commence the year with 15 classes.  Final staffing numbers are calculated from our enrolments on Day 8 of each school year.  At this stage, I don’t anticipate many changes to the class and staffing structure:
Principal:  Nicole Goodwin
A/Deputy Principal:  Leesa-Maree Jedras
Prep F- Kerrie Farrell
Prep L – Liz Lawler
Prep M – Maria Misson
1 WA – Megan Wildermuth (Mon-Wed) & Narelle Annett (Thurs & Fri)
1/2 P – Judith Power
2 B – Georgina Blue
2 M – Louise Miles
2/3 W – Carmen Ward
3/4 D – Phyllis Docherty
3/4 G – Daniel Gracey
3/4 0 – Judith O’Sullivan
4/5 A – John Alsop
5 M – Andrea McArdle
5/6 N – Chris Nelson
6 J – Jamie Jones
Drama Teacher (Term 1) : Nicole Oziganow
PE : Jenny Collins
Teacher Librarian/ Digital Technologies:  Deborah Cairns
Languages Other Than English (LOTE- French):  Valerie Le Ray
Inclusion Teacher: Cindy Zhang
Support Teacher: Nicole De Domenico
Guidance Officer:  Vicky Montgomery (Tues/Wed)
Speech Therapist:  Jasmine de Vroom (Tuesdays)
Front Office :  Effie Kleoudis
Business Manager :  Annette De Vries
Ancillary Support Staff:  Dani Ross, Libby Wolfe, Amanda Wilson, Deborah Cameron, Karen Davenport
Groundsman: Mark O’Brien
Cleaners:  Zerfu Belachew and Kanchana Kahatapiti Pathirennehelage
Cherie Patton is on leave for Term 1;  Ann Dingle is on leave for Semester 1.  Leigh Hawthorne transitioned to retirement at the end of 2018. 
Facilities Update
As you can see, there has been a fair amount of work going on in our school since the end of 2018.  Our air conditioning replacement scheme is well under way with B, C, D and E Blocks complete with their new systems to make our school more efficient.
Over the next few weeks, contractors will be working on the systems in Admin and the Hall.  However, this is a little more difficult as work can only be done in the Hall during school hours (and when there is no rain, as PE is conducted in the Hall on rain days) and on Admin outside of school hours.  We will endeavour to keep any inconveniences to a minimum.
B Block will have some termite damage inside the building and external step treads repaired and replaced over the coming week.
As you would have also noticed, with the increase in student population, and our 15th class, Prep M now occupies the space previously used for Music and LOTE.  Ms Oziganow will utilise this opportunity to teach Drama as a specialist during Term 1, while we await the delivery of a temporary building sometime around Week 5.  This building will be situated where the current Senior Playground is and will be connected to L Block (5/6 N and 6 J) by a concrete pathway.  Once complete, this single space will become the new home of Music and LOTE.
The Senior Playground will be replaced with new equipment between the cricket nets and the basketball court.
School Expectations  
Our school’s Responsible Behaviour Plan focuses on the expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be a Learner.  All classes in the first week of school spent time discussing these expectations and negotiated more specific class rules based on these.  These class rules are displayed in every classroom.
This week, classes have honed in a little more, to discuss what it means to Be Safe in this school.  Each week, the school will focus on an expectation with weekly student awards aligned to these.  Student of the Month awards are given to students who have consistently demonstrated all three expectations.  These awards are presented to students on Assembly held on Monday mornings in the Hall.
Students who have been noticed demonstrating any of these expectations during class or in the playground may receive a train ticket.  Each ticket is worth 1 point, with the exception of the purple tickets from the Principal, worth 5 points.  Students are encouraged to set a goal on which prize they would like to cash in for and save their points to cash in.  Cash in sessions are held each Friday between 12 and 1 pm.
Peace Run
We are very excited that our school has been nominated to be a part of the Peace Run!  If you haven’t heard about the Peace Run before, you can find more information here:

On April 27, 1987 the first Peace Torch was lit in New York City by Sri Chinmoy.  Since then, flaming torches have been carried by runners throughout the world, connecting and inspiring individuals, communities and countries in a clear and dynamic declaration of peace.  

The Peace Run is a worldwide relay run.  Runners carry a torch, the Peace Torch.  As the torch is passed from hand to hand, from person to person, from nation to nation, each citizen of the world has the opportunity to carry the flame, to take a step for peace and to feel oneness with others around the globe.  Through the Peace Run, everyone can give expression to their own highest hopes and dreams for a more peaceful world.

The route of the biennial Peace Run covers over 40, 000 kilometers, equal to the distance around the earth.  Since the inception, Peace Torches have been carried over 600, 000 kilometers, the equivalent of running to the moon and beyond.  Since 1987, more than 25, 000 school have participated in the Peace Run events and over 7 million people have held the torch.  There are over 150 participating countries and territories covering all 7 continents.

Our school will be hosting the Peace Run next Tuesday 12 February from 2pm.  Parents are invited to join us in the Hall as we meet the members of the current relay team.

All students will receive a Project Consent Form this week for this event.  Photographs taken of students may be used on the Peace Run website, our school newsletter, website and FaceBook page.  If you are happy for this to occur, please complete the Project Consent and return to school by Tuesday 12 Feb at 8.45 am to allow time for teachers to identify students with and without consent.  PLEASE NOTE:  CURRENT PROJECT CONSENT FORMS HELD AT THE SCHOOL DO NOT COVER THIS EVENT.
Keeping in Touch
It is essential that the school has up to date personal details for all families.  This enables us to communicate with you effectively.  If you have changed any details in the past 6 months, would you please send us the up to date details so we can check them.  In the event of your child being sick or injured, or if the class teacher would like to discuss a matter, it assists in avoiding a delay.
If your child will be absent from school, please notify us through either the automated absence line 3010 8360 or email the Office on
We understand that from time to time, things don’t go to plan and families may be running late in the morning or may need to leave early during the day.  In these instances, an adult is required to sign your child in or out of the school.
Our school newsletters are sent home each Thursday fortnight on even weeks (this being Week 2 of the school year).
Teachers across the school will be offering Parent Information Sessions on Tuesday 19th February.  There will be 2 sessions offered:  3.30 pm and 5.30 pm.  The same information will be presented at both sessions.  Class Newsletters will be provided after these sessions with a brief outline of class routines and a little bit about what you can expect over the term.
Parent Teacher Interviews will be offered in Weeks 5 and 6.  This is a great opportunity to ensure that your child’s teacher has all the relevant information about how your child best learns, including up to date medical information, along with the opportunity to share your aspirations for your child. 
The school also uses FaceBook to provide some updates to parents.  If you haven’t already followed us, you might like to consider following both the school and the P & C:
You  might also like to drop in to the Parent Hub on Thursday mornings for a cuppa or try a P&C meeting!  Our first P&C meeting is next Tuesday at 6.30 pm, but regular meetings are on the third Tuesday of each month.
Before and After School  
At this time of the year, families are likely still getting used to their before and after school routines.  I would ask you to please keep in mind that we do not encourage students to arrive at school before 8.30 am as staff do not provide supervision prior to this.  Please contact Jabiru if you require Before School Care.
At Dutton Park, we encourage active travel (walk or ride to school or catch a train or bus) to help with reducing the traffic around our school.  If your child actively travels home after school, please remind them that they should be leaving school grounds as soon as they are dismissed from class.  No students should remain at school to play in the afternoon unless they are actively supervised by their parent or caregiver.
Many parents do stay after school with their children, and I would ask that you remind them that our school expectations of Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be a Learner apply at all times that they are on school grounds.
To ensure our children stay safe, parents are asked not to use the driveway after 7.45 am as we have students who will cross the road from this time for various reasons, for example choir and band rehearsals. 
The pick-up zone off Boggo Road is a much safer drop off and pick up point.  The pick-up zone can become congested in the afternoons, and staff will supervise here until 3.15 pm. But there are some other ways we can keep this area safer:



  • Children walking through the pick-up zone should use the crossings and pathways provided


  • Children will only be allowed to enter cars in the first 3 bays (on occasion, staff may accompany a student to a car further along to assist with traffic flow)


  • Children should only enter cars from the footpath side


  • If your child is not at the pick-up zone within 2 minutes of arriving in one of the first 3 bays, parents are encouraged to either park or do a loop of the zone to allow traffic to continue flowing


  • Please do not stop or park your car on the round about as this encourages children to choose a pedestrian route to you, that is not safe



Nicole Goodwin