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From the Principal

From the Principal
Staffing Update 
Mrs Ann Dingle (4D), will be taking leave until the end of Term 3 for medical reasons.  Ms Misha Desai will replace Mrs Dingle in her absence.  We wish Mrs Dingle a speedy recovery.
Inner South School Community Reference Group 
At our last P & C meeting, Mrs Michelle Larder (mother of Carys), was elected as the parent representative for this group.  Michelle and I will meet regularly with the group as a whole, and with our Regional Director, Mark Campling at a more local level.  The purpose of this group is to:
·         Provide input and feedback to support the design, planning and development of the proposed Inner South
          High School;
·         Ensure the planning process takes into account the diverse range of community views and voices in the
          further school catchment area;
·         Provide insights, information and advice to the Department of Education and Training on strategies for
          consulting the community about relevant issues; and
·         Ensure that information regarding the Inner South High School and planning process is effectively
          communicated to the community.  
Michelle and I will work with our local and school community to provide this information, but it is important to note, that it is not a decision-making body.

At our last meeting, the P & C made a donation to the school to support our Explicit Improvement Agenda and the facilities for students across our school.  The donation consisted of:  
-          $ 4000 towards teacher training in the delivery of Philosophy
-          $ 2000 towards engaging a Philosophy coach
-          $ 7000 towards a new sandpit.  
In 2017, the school has committed through its Explicit Improvement Agenda to renew our focus on Philosophy in classrooms.  We have ensured that teaching staff are all now Level 1 accredited.  The school has also engaged the services of Amy Eberhardt as our Philosophy Coach.  Amy has provided some additional training and advice to the school regarding our next steps.  She is also involved in developing Dutton Park State School Philosophy units to deliver across the school to ensure a consistent approach and the development of skills in both students and staff. 
Our current sandpit has been causing significant drainage issues, as the current location is adjacent major drains.  We will be considering a new location for a sandpit area, as well as decommissioning the current sandpit and re-landscaping the area to ensure that future drainage issues do not persist.  
I would like to thank our parent community for their fundraising efforts and giving back to our students.

Enrolments for 2018
If you are living in the catchment area and have children eligible to enrol for 2018, please download our enrolment pack from the school website, complete and send to school as soon as possible to assist with school planning for the 2018 year.
After School Issues
I have previously mentioned in newsletters the importance of parents supervising their children after school to ensure that they are safe.  We have recently experienced damage to school property, including pavers being relocated and damage to toilet areas to name a few.  While some of this damage has occurred after school, some has occurred in the evenings or after school.  When damage occurs, the school is required to continue to repair these areas, with our current budget.
I would again request that parents are vigilant with supervising their children after school if you are staying back to use our school facilities, but also, that community members who observe suspicious activity in the evenings or on weekends call School Watch on 131788.  We have contacted the Dutton Park Police Station to increase their patrols of the school to reduce the damage being sustained.
Book Week
Don’t forget to come Friday morning 9-10 am for our Book Week Parade.  Photos to come next week.
PBL Update
Congratulations to students who have been madly saving their train tracks to cash in for our bigger prizes.  Over the past two weeks, the following students have been acknowledged:
Ice Cream (120 points)
Siobhan, Claudia
Cooking Class (160  points)
Lucia, Amelie, Scarlett, Archie, Sophie, Henry, Kyle, Violet, Maria, Jade, Alek, Martin
Lunch with the Principal (160 points)
Student Principal (200 points)
Holly, Swornim
Movie and Popcorn (250 points)
Art Classes
I was invited to visit some art lessons again this week.  4D were focussing on using environmental materials to develop ‘Impermanent Art’, while our Prep students were learning to develop ‘Collaborative Art’.  I hope you enjoy the photos!
Opinion Survey 
A reminder to all families that the School Opinion Survey closes tomorrow,
Friday 25 August.
Please take a few moments to have a say about our school.
Nicole Goodwin