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Mission and values

Our Mission Statement

We strive to provide supportive educational opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds to enable active participation in an ever changing world.

The ‘Six Kinds of Best’

We have based our Positive Behaviour Plan on the values reflected in the ‘Six Kinds of Best’, a program based on research and proven to help foster personal, social and community responsibility. The values are:

  • Be Kind to Yourself (Respect yourself)
  • Be Kind to Others (Respect others)
  • Be Kind to the Environment (Value the environment)
  • Be the Learning Kind (Seek knowledge)
  • Be the Achieving Kind (Achieve your potential)
  • Be the Community Kind (Contribute positively to society). 

Each teacher explicitly teaches, models and discusses these values with their students so that they come to have a clear understanding of what they mean and how they may demonstrate them. Discussions regarding the values are incorporated in Philosophy and they are a part of the everyday language of the school.

Each week on school assembly there is a focus on one of the values and specific rewards are handed out to children who demonstrate the value. These are collected in our ‘Gotcha’ boxes and a draw is held each week by the school leaders for each house team. The children who are successful in the draw receive a prize and all Gotchas earned throughout the week contribute to a Sports House prize every six weeks. General Gotchas are distributed as well to recognise appropriate behaviour, work ethic or community spirit. The winners each week are a part of our school newsletter and the community is informed of the current value through the newsletter.

The teachers at the school also nominate a ‘Student of the Week’, who is presented with a certificate on assembly. Their awards are based on the values and are written to reflect the student’s achievement. A ‘Student of the Month’, sponsored by a local business Café Eco, is presented each month along the same guidelines.

All of the students’ achievements are celebrated in the school newsletter.