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Newsletters are published every second Thursday of the school week. They include a message from the principal and information about the curriculum and the events occurring at school.

The newsletter is also an important avenue for sharing the achievements of students at school and each week our Student of the Week or Month winners are published.

Other contributions come from the P&C, YMCA (Outside School Hours Care) and local community associations.​

Newsletter 14-11-2019.aspxNewsletter 14-11-2019Newsletter 14-11-201914/11/20192 KB
Newsletter 31-10-2019.aspxNewsletter 31-10-2019Newsletter 31-10-201931/10/20192 KB
Newsletter 17-10-2019.aspxNewsletter 17-10-2019Newsletter 17-10-201917/10/20192 KB
Newsletter 19-9-2019.aspxNewsletter 19-9-2019Newsletter 19-9-201919/09/20192 KB
Newsletter 5-9-2019.aspxNewsletter 5-9-2019Newsletter 5-9-20195/09/20192 KB
Newsletter 22-08-2019.aspxNewsletter 22-08-2019Newsletter 22-08-201922/08/20192 KB
Newsletter 8-8-2019.aspxNewsletter 8-8-2019Newsletter 8-8-20198/08/20192 KB
Student of the Month 5-8-2019.aspxStudent of the Month 5-8-2019Student of the Month 5-8-20195/08/20192 KB
Newsletter 25.7.2019.aspxNewsletter 25.7.2019Newsletter 25.7.201925/07/20192 KB
Newsletter 27-06-2019.aspxNewsletter 27 June 2019Newsletter 27-06-201927/06/20192 KB
Newsletter 13.6.2019.aspxNewsletter 13 June 2019Newsletter 13.6.201913/06/20192 KB
Newsletter 30-5-2019.aspxNewsletter 30 May 2019Newsletter 30-5-201930/05/20192 KB
Newsletter 16-05-2019.aspxNewsletter 16 May 2019Newsletter 16-05-201916/05/20192 KB
Newsletter 02-05-2019.aspxNewsletter 2 May 2019Newsletter 02-05-20192/05/20192 KB
Newsletter 04-04-2019.aspxNewsletter 4 April 2019Newsletter 04-04-20194/04/20192 KB
Newsletter 21-03-2019.aspxNewsletter 21-03-2019Newsletter 21-03-201921/03/20192 KB
Newsletter 07-03-2019.aspxNewsletter 07-03-2019Newsletter 07-03-20197/03/20192 KB
Newsletter 21-02-2019.aspxNewsletter 21-02-2019Newsletter 21-02-201921/02/20192 KB
Student of the Week.aspxStudent of the Week 11.2.2019 & 18.2.2019Student of the Week21/02/20192 KB
Newsletter 07-02-2019.pdfNewsletter 7th February 2019Newsletter 07-02-20197/02/20191879 KB