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School rules


​The school has a Supportive Behaviour Plan that incorporates the school rules. School rules are in place with your child’s learning and safety in mind. Some of the rules have been implemented in accordance with the Qld Workplace Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

Dress Code
Children are expected to:

  • Wear school uniform.
  • Wear appropriate foot wear.
  • Dress in a neat and tidy fashion.
  • Wear wide brim hats outside.
  • Not wear jewellery to school. Earrings such as sleepers and studs are acceptable.
  • Parents should notify the school if student is required to wear jewellery of religious significance.
  • Wear their hair so as not to interfere with work or safety. Hair beyond collar length to be tied back to help prevent lice.
  • Wear sports uniform on sports day.
  • Wear appropriate and protective equipment for sporting activities.


Supportive Behaviour Management
Our Supportive Behaviour Plan and Values Program underpin everything we do. We value the Six Kinds of Best which include:

  • Be Kind to Yourself
  • Be Kind to Others
  • Be Kind to the Environment
  • Be the Learning Kind
  • Be the Achieving Kind
  • Be the Community Kind.


In the Classroom
Children are expected to:

  • Cooperate with their teachers and other students. Be attentive in the classroom.
  • Work independently as appropriate.
  • Be tolerant of people and display good manners.
  • Be punctual in attending classes.
  • Be punctual in handing in assignments.
  • Seek assistance from a teacher if they have a problem.


In the School Grounds
Children are expected to:

  • Play safely and sensibly.
  • Walk between the buildings - running on the concrete and bitumen areas between and around buildings is strictly prohibited.
  • Wear hats when outdoors.
  • Eat, seated in the appropriate areas.
  • Keep all areas clean and tidy.
  • Use good manners.
  • Display good sportsmanship.
  • Respect all school property, own property, and that of others.
  • Cooperate with all school staff.


When Away from the School (swimming, sports, excursions, camps)
Children are expected to:

  • Behave appropriately, bringing credit to individuals as well as to the school.
  • Obey the rules of the venue attended.
  • Remember safety rules at all times and do nothing to endanger themselves or others.